How does COVID-19 Effect My Treatment?

How does COVID-19 Effect My Treatment?

As offered from the AAO webiste, please read below about how COVID-19 may effect your treatment plan. In efforts to protect staff and patients, while flattening the curve, the AAO has placed regulations on orthodontics at this time. We hope that you understand, and apologize for this inconvenience. The Magnolia Orthodontic team supports you during this time, and is here to help you.

Treatment Delays

Our staff will certainly reevaluate your treatment plan once we are again treating patients. We understand that your appointments are booked in advanced and are scheduled to achieve your dream smile in minimal time. Don’t worry–WE WILL WORK TOGETHER TO GET THROUGH THIS! In the meantime, please follow our Facebook page for updates and advice.


We understand that all orthodontic issues cannot be handled at home. You may still reach our office by phone during our regular office hours. We can also arrange virtual office visits.






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